GirlPower (Becoming a Woman)


IDB/ JPO becoming a woman project: The Japan Special Fund Poverty Reduction Program (JPO), established in 2001, provides non-reimbursable financial resources for Technical Cooperation (TC) operations and supports poverty alleviation activities impacting low-income and vulnerable populations.

The Network of NGO’s for the Advancement of Women (the Network), has received grant financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to create safe spaces for at-risk girls and young women in Trinidad and Tobago. The objective of the program is to reduce the influence of social norms that perpetuate the social and economic exclusion of girls and young women in three geographical areas of Trinidad and Tobago.

The program targets girls and young women between the ages of 10 to 25 at highest risk for physical and sexual violence or pregnancy.  These participants will benefit from sex and sexuality and physical security modules incorporated into sports and physical activity sessions; a financial empowerment and literacy module and a life and job skills module. All of these activities will be happening in identified safe spaces, e.g. community centres, churches, health and homework centres.

The programme began late 2014 and will end in 2017.